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2019 Adoption Numbers -- Tuesday December 31st, 2019

2019 was our biggest year yet for number of animals saved and placed into their forever homes! 280 dogs and cats were fostered and adopted through our organization. We are so thankful for our foster homes that make this possible each year!

2018 Adoption Numbers -- Monday December 31st, 2018

Our 2018 adoption numbers are in! We were able to rescue and find forever homes for 60 cats and 134 dogs! This would not have been possible without our foster homes! We had 26+ foster homes help us throughout the year.

2017 Adoption Statistics -- Sunday December 31st, 2017

Our 2017 adoption numbers are in! We were able to rescue and find forever homes for 60 cats and 99 dogs throughout 2017! This would not have been possible without our foster homes! We had 28 foster homes help us throughout the year. Although foster numbers were down, our overall adoption numbers were up! We look forward to having more active fosters in 2018!

2017 Spay & Neuter Clinic Totals -- Sunday December 31st, 2017

In 2017, over 1,100 animals throughout Bartholomew County were spayed and neutered through our low cost spay and neuter clinics. C.A.R.E. partners with Columbus Animal Care Services and involved volunteers to run 2 clinics per month with on average 60 animals on each clinic.

2016 Adoption Statistics -- Saturday December 31st, 2016

Our 2016 adoption numbers are in! We were able to rescue and find forever homes for 64 cats and 87 dogs throughout 2016! This would not have been possible without our foster homes! We had over 36 foster homes help us throughout the year. Let's make 2017 even better!

2014 Statistics -- Wednesday December 31st, 2014

Totals for 2014 Dogs- intake 77 adopted 77 euthanized 1 Cats- intake 56 adopted 49 euthanized 0 Spay/neuter- @1000 plus FAC s/n Spay/neuter for past 3 years 1100, 1400 and 1000+ = 3500.

Low Cost Spay / Neuter -- Sunday September 18th, 2011

Low cost spay neuter year end totals: 2011: Between C.A.R.E. and the Columbus Animal Contol.... [Dogs.... 175 Female & 152 Male] [Cats.... 255 Female & 197 Male] -AND- 2010: C.A.R.E was able to get 684 dogs and cats to the Pets Alive Spay and Neuter Clinic in Bloomington, IN! We hold clinics the second Thursday and fourth Tuesday of every month! * Male cats only $33!!! * Female cats only $33! And dogs only $53! HELP US END PET OVER POPULATION- BE A GOOD PET OWNER- SPAY AND NEUTER- TODAY!! THANK YOU Columbus Animal Control for all your help with the spay and neuter clinics! We could not do this without your help!!

April Updates -- Friday April 30th, 2010

We had a great Spay-ghetti Dinner. We fed over 250 people (well over last years number). Thank you to all the volunteers who brought desserts, updated web pages and worked the event- we couldn't do it without you!! Lara-we are still using those placemats! Now-after a short break- we are heading into spring!! CARE upcoming events: Latin Jazz at the Crump- a fundraiser for cancer research. CARE volunteer Trish Madigan and her daughter Kate(who has been battling this particular cancer since age 2) and the family will be the guests of honor. Tre Bicchieri will have beer and wine available for purchase at the Crump with all proceeds going to the fundraising effort. This Friday, April 9th, 7pm at the Crump. T-shirts will be available for purchase. Tickets available at Viewpoint books or online at Senior Project Fair at North High School Get on Board Volunteer Fair March for Babies- (we provide water for the dogs in the walk and bring some dogs/cats available for adoption April 25th Smith Elementary Beacon Class- talk to 40-50 kids about CARE April 8th and 20th- Spay/neuter clinics April 17th- Petco Adoptathon and CARE adoption-microchipping-low cost spay/neuter sign-up at Petco May 1- North Shore Animal League Adopt-a-thon We will be at Dog World, Columbus Animal Control will also be there with adoptable animals. We recently applied for a grant to spay/neuter dogs and cats in targeted areas of Columbus for only $10. This was a 24 page Petsmart grant- cross your fingers that we get it!! Volunteers needed: *Help with creating a news letter for CARE *Statistics person- help us keep track of info like spay/neuter numbers, dog breed intake, areas most animals are coming from, ect. *Back-up for Linda giving shots and making sure all fosters are current *bi-monthly spay/neuter clinic back-up *volunteer co-ordinator THANK YOU EVERYONE for CAREing!! Elaine

Puppy Mills Legislation -- Thursday April 9th, 2009

Both bills HB1468 and SB 238 were passed through the Senate and House yesterday. Now they will be sent to Conference committee where hopefully they'll both be fixed and made into better bills.

Updates -- Thursday April 9th, 2009

- Just an note- our $800 kitty, Tiny Tim, was adopted last night. He was the kitten thrown from the car and had a hip injury.He ended up having to have his leg and tail removed but before the amputation he had a diaphramic (spelling way off!) hernia that required emergency surgery. The vet techs begged us to do the emergency surgery as they had fallen for Tims personality! Though he was expensive I just wanted to share his outcome with the group. His new dad has built him steps so he can get onto the couch (slick leather) and another set so he can get on top of a cedar chest set in front of a big window overlooking all their bird feeders! Tim was in heaven! - Also, we assisted a young lady from Hope whose dog became very ill. The dog was diagnosed with blasto in his testicle. He was neutered and is on drugs for the next 6 months to complete the treatment. The owner (in high school), said he has gained almost 40lbs, is playing and won't leave her side- she thinks he is thankful. She is working odd jobs, scrapping metal (while participating in after school sports) to earn money for his meds. He would have died without our help! - We also assisted a man in Columbus who had 2 dogs come down with parvo. He was behind in rent and had no money for shots (he told me he learned his lesson on how importent shots are!!) One dog died but one lived- again with our help. This man said that once they catch up on rent he would start making payments to us (he was laid off but his wife still works- he is doing odd jobs). They were super thankful and the vets told me they visited the sick dogs every day. - Another dog we rescued was at Purdue last week for surgery for a liver shunt (a birth defect common in puppy mill puppies). We paid $1000 and PU used grant money to pay $1800. The surgery was not 100% successful because of a small amount of leakage but they hope it will heal with time. The dog is completely different- happy, playful and eating well. A HUGE THANK YOU TO DR. MILLS FOR FINALLY FINDING OUT WHAT THE ILLNESS WAS! This dog had been to 3 vets before he went to Franklin. Dr. Mills was the one who contacted PU to get help for this dog. The owner spent over $400 trying to help him before she contacted us. His initial owners spent over $500 trying to help him. HE WAS PURCHASED FROM UNCLE BILL'S IN GREENWOOD AND CAME FROM AN AMISH PUPPY MILL. - We have taken in some small dogs with major teeth issues, and have learned a lot about how this affects their health. Many of them have had most of their teeth pulled (Linda's foster had 19 pulled last week!) All but Sadie (the OLD dachsund) have or will be getting adopted! Linda and I learned that many of the breeding puppy mill survivors have major dental issues due to feeding pups so long and often- it takes the calcium out of their body. - Nichol has been working feverishly to get grant applications sent out. We did raise our adoption prices (the vets raised their prices) but since we treat the dogs for whatever medical issues they have we definitely do not get our money back with adoption fees! - We are getting a few animals back due to the economy- people are losing their homes and moving into apartments that either don't allow pets or have additional fees. I took 2 cats in from a man (he left crying) - he said he was going to tell his kids when he got home- his wife couldn't handle telling them. It is sad...............

Puppy Mills -- Sunday April 5th, 2009

Indiana is now #3 in the nation with puppy mills- behind Missouri and Pennsylvania. The Amish are the #1 Breeders of dogs in the country. An Amish man that brokers puppies bragged that he made over 1.5 million Dollars last year! (FYI- CARE rescued a young dog from an owner that purchased this pup from Uncle Bills Pet Store in Greenwood. He was constantly sick, has has thousands of dollars spent on him and we have found out that he was Amish bred and that the illness, a liver shunt, is a common birth defect from Amish breeders.) There are few to no laws regulating breeders and they want even less! Many Amish (and other breeders) are leaving their state and moving to Indiana because of our lack of laws. They are looking for USDA to monitor puppy breeding - it would be laws like -FOOD BOWLS WASHED ONCE A MONTH, ANIMALS MUST BE FED ONCE A DAY, CAGES MUST BE CLEANED ONCE A DAY, (note nothing about exercise). There would be no limit on the number of litters a dog can produce a year nor any age limit on the parents. A breeder from Columbus (yup, she fought the breeder laws tooth and nail here!!) bragged that her 12 year old cocker is still having pups! (Probably in the basement where she keeps her dogs) This local breeder is fighting for and with Uncle Bills!

Updates -- Monday March 9th, 2009

- The spay-ghetti dinner was a huge success, thanks to all for helping!! The final tally: We made $2,285 in tickets sales and $391 in donations/tips.......Total $2,676.00!! Only $178.00 went out for supplies too! Not bad for 4 hours (Well, not including the prep time...!) - Kelsey's book sales have gone well. She has made her investment back so all proceeds now go to CARE. Thanks Kelsey!! - Some of you have asked about the Columbus Dog Park- the Dog Park for a Day events have gone well and more are planned for the future. The site needs trees removed (some due to storm damage) and the fencing will run about $60,000 for 5 foot high fencing. Another $16,000 for the slide cards so they may open with keys that cannot be duplicated. We are planning on some joint fundraising so those of you wanting to work with us on a Adult Prom-type Dance to raise funds please let me know. Indy Tails, Columbus Arts Council and Hotel Indigo are possible co-sponsors. Another event is a "dog bowl" event.....with artists designing the bowls and ......? - Red Cross meetings are still going on. We are getting closer to an Emergency Plan for animals. In the near future I will need a list of people who can be called to work during an emergency (say, a flood). Volunteers would assist Columbus Animal Control with paperwork for intakes, transporting, shelter care, animal care. I will send out an e-mail when we get closer. - We received a check from Petco for $1400 from their Christmas fundraising effort. Since they assisted in so many disasters nationally Petco Charities kept 50% of the donations to restock their Emergency Funds. Not bad for doing nothing! - We also received money from United Way thru mostly Cummins donations. I do not remember the actual amount but I think it was around $4000. It came at a great time since we had some VERY high vet bills in December. - Financially we are doing ok but still need funds for future vet bills and financial assistence to those who need it. It doesn't take long if you treat a few heartworm positive dogs or other very sick go thru money!

Updates -- Friday January 30th, 2009

- Busy few weeks! We rescued a malamute with 3 surviving pups, two pomeranians from an Amish puppy mill,a dachschund that had all her teeth removed and her jaw wired where infection broke the jaw, Tiny Tim had his amputations, foster dogs went to new homes and cat adoptions continue to go well. - We are helping Elizabeth Impton, an 81 year old woman who lost her home in a fire and yet continues to collect and distribute food to her neighbors and signed up another stray cat for spay surgery! She has water and we are still collecting donations to pay the Lohmeiers bill and get her a bed and at least a new front door for the mobile home she is living in. - February is Spay Neuter Month with Spay Day USA on Feb. 24th. So far we have 3 s/n clinics for the month with another date if it becomes available. Grant money from HSUS (thru Pets Alive) allows us to offer $10 spay/neuters at our sign-up this Saturday. So far we have two large females (who together produced 18 pups last December) and the Daddy (YES!!) I hope to get a few out of the paper under "puppies for sale or free to good home" and get those moms spayed. I have no doubt this clinic will be filled quickly! We will need volunteers to work the SPAY-ghetti fundraiser on Feb 23rd. Just call me or send me an e-mail if you would like to volunteer. If you are interested in selling or buying dinner tickets please let me know and we will get the tickets to you! - Speaking of 18 pups..... two pups are still needing homes- they are golden/lab mixes and are about 8 weeks old. I would like to take these pups into CARE but we NEED A FOSTER HOME!! ANY ONE INTERESTED PLEASE LET ME KNOW . The owner of the three parents will be at Petco Saturday to sign them up for surgery and will be bringing a pup for us to see. - Thank you to all who have donated toward Tiny Tims medical bills. (Thank you Joyce!!) He is doing well (considering he lost a quarter of his body!) and is going for a recheck today along with toothless Sadie who is having her jaw rechecked. - Finally, there will be a book signing for the ADVENTURES OF MAX AND LOU at Viewpoint Book Store sometime in February. CARE, along with the Columbus Dog Park and the Humane Society will be featured in their windows the month of February. All money from the sale of ADVENTURES OF MAX AND LOU goes to CARE.

Updates -- Tuesday January 13th, 2009

- HOME 4 THE HOLIDAYS was a success!! 75 animals are now in their forever homes! We gave people ample opportunities to see our animals and even animals from Columbus Animal Control by bringing adoptable animals to Pet Pictures with Santa (2 weekends in a row)and then our regular adoption event the third weekend. A huge thank you to Santa Tim Solzak for his patience and kindness and volunteering for both weekends! Thank you to our foster homes and everyone who transported animals to vet appointments (to get them ready), fostered them, and then helped get them adopted! - December 23rd we held a special transport for a lady in Taylorsville whose story appeared in the Republic newspaper. The story was not accurate but we helped spay and neuter 23 cats and kittens. Thru the newspaper story the owner received a $500 donation and CARE spent an additional $450 to get the animals spayed and neutered, rabies shots and distemper combo shots. 19 of the cats were female!!!! That prevented a LOT of kittens! We were unable to catch the rest of the cats and one cat had a litter while we had the clinic! We could not have done it without the help of CAC- their van, their crates and their expertise. Kevin even came in on his day off (he can be a pretty sweet guy!) *** Tiny Tim came to us before Christmas, hence his name. He was found in a tall grass waterway, on a very cold morning in December. He was very thin, hungry and injured. I am sure he would not have survived another night. The vet thinks he was tossed from a car or hit by a car causing his hip to be knocked out of place. She neutered him (of course!!) and put his hip back where it belonged. Well, nerve damage appeared in first his tail then his right rear leg. We scheduled him for amputation of both. Before the surgery date he lost weight and went back to the vet. He had a diaphragmatic hernia causing everything to go into his lungs- (an injury not previously seen by x-ray because his stomach was so full of food!) He survived the surgery and was sent home 3 days later looking much better! He was again scheduled for amputation surgery. As you can imagine, this little 4 month old kitten has a medical bill of over $450 before any more surgery is done. ANYONE WANTING TO DONATE TO TINY TIMS MEDICAL BILL PLEASE DROP OFF OR MAIL A DONATION TO CARE (PO Box 1234, Columbus, IN) Right now he is on antibiotics for his tail, which he has "skinned"- the vet said he has no feeling in it) He will have surgery sometime next week.

Home For the Holidays -- Thursday January 1st, 2009

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Thanks to all who supported the Iams Home 4 the Holidays! Iams Home 4 the Holidays HOME 4 THE HOLIDAYS was a success!! 75 animals are now in their forever homes! We gave people ample opportunities to see our animals and even animals from Columbus Animal Control by bringing adoptable animals to Pet Pictures with Santa (2 weekends in a row)and then our regular adoption event the third weekend. A huge thank you to Santa Tim Solzak for his patience and kindness and volunteering for both weekends! Thank you to our foster homes and everyone who transported animals to vet appointments (to get them ready), fostered them, and then helped get them adopted! Check out more on how CARE did, and about the event here ( .

Updates -- Tuesday June 10th, 2008

- The shelter was in better shape than was anticipated. Over 15 animals were picked up by their owners today and 7 the day before. Only a few new ones came in. They were able to get all but four dogs into the dog kennels (one on each side of the door) and out of dog crates. Cat cages are full but not massively overcrowded. They did receive a lot of calls for lost animals but none matched any that they had at the shelter. - About 5-6 CARE volunteers stopped in to walk dogs or check on the cats. We also washed crates, litter boxes and dog and cat bowls. I think the shelter appreciated the extra hands and they were able to deal with the public a bit easier. I know the dogs appreciated the walks (and baths). - So again, if you have an hour or so please drop by and walk a dog or pet a cat. Today Carrie and I marked the time of day the dog was walked on the kennel cards so the next person would know who had been walked or needed walked again. Wear old cloths and comfortable shoes. The 7-8am time of day is a lot of dish washing and litter box washing..... - Thanks Nick, Bonnie, Linda, Carrie and Seanne for coming out today. (sorry, if there were others I did not see you!) We also had some offers to temporarily foster animals--so far that is not needed but who knows what tomorrow will bring! Thanks for CAREing!!

$700 Received from Petco! -- Friday October 5th, 2007

A few weeks ago, PETCO stores across the country conducted the Round Up/Spay Today 2007 campaign to raise funds for spay/neuter organizations and programs nationwide and in our commmunity. Our local PETCO raised $700.00 for us this year ! Thank you PETCO for your continued partnership!

Parvo Alert -- Tuesday September 25th, 2007

Local shelters and vets are beginning to see quite a few cases of Parvo recently and we wanted to make sure everyone is aware. Here is some info about Parvo that all dog owners should be aware of: Canine Parvovirus - American Veterinary Medical Association AVMA: Canine parvovirus is a highly contagious and serious disease caused by a virus that attacks the gastrointestinal tract of puppies and dogs. Puppies and dogs usually become infected when they ingest virus that is passed in the feces (stool) of an infected dog. Canine parvovirus is resistant to changes in environmental conditions and can survive for long periods of time. Trace amounts of feces containing parvovirus may serve as reservoirs of infection and the virus is readily transmitted from place to place on the hair or feet of dogs or via contaminated cages, shoes, or other objects. All dogs are at risk, but puppies less than four months old and dogs that have not been vaccinated against canine parvovirus are at increased risk of acquiring the disease. Canine parvovirus causes lethargy; loss of appetite; fever; vomiting; and severe, often bloody, diarrhea. Vomiting and diarrhea can cause rapid dehydration, and most deaths from parvovirus occur within 48 to 72 hours following onset of clinical signs. If your puppy or dog shows any of these signs, you should contact your veterinarian promptly. Vaccination is important. Young puppies are very susceptible to infection, particularly because the natural immunity provided in their mothers' milk may wear off before the puppies' own immune systems are mature enough to fight off infection. If a puppy is exposed to canine parvovirus during this gap in protection, it may become ill. An additional concern is that immunity provided by a mother's milk may interfere with an effective response to vaccination. This means even vaccinated puppies may occasionally succumb to parvovirus. To narrow gaps in protection and provide optimal protection against parvovirus during the first few months of life, a series of puppy vaccinations are administered. To protect their adult dogs, pet owners should be sure that their dog's parvovirus vaccination is up-to-date. In spite of proper vaccination, a small percentage of dogs do not develop protective immunity and remain susceptible to infection. Until a puppy has received its complete series of vaccinations, pet owners should use caution when bringing their pet to places where young puppies congregate (e.g. pet shops, parks, puppy classes, obedience classes, doggy daycare, and grooming establishments). Reputable establishments and training programs reduce exposure risk by requiring vaccinations, health examinations, good hygiene, and isolation of ill puppies and dogs. Contact with known infected dogs and their premises should always be avoided. Finally, do not allow your puppy or dog to come into contact with the fecal waste of other dogs while walking or playing outdoors. Prompt and proper disposal of waste material is always advisable as a way to limit spread of canine parvovirus infection.

3rd Annual Doggie Swim -- Sunday August 12th, 2007

By Brenda Showalter Labradors, Chihuahuas, poodles, boxers and mutts shared Donner Pool Sunday evening at the third annual Doggie Swim. It was a chance for the canines to cool off, play in the water and make new fourlegged friends. Danyell Bevington could hardly keep her 5-month-old Labrador-Australian shepherdmix puppy out of the pool. “He really enjoys swimming,” she said as he leaped into the deep end and enthusiastically paddled about. Dogs of all shapes, sizes and breeds enjoyed the season-ending event at Donner Pool that had its last regular swim session Sunday afternoon. With area schools starting classes this week, the pool had to end the summer season early due to a shortage of lifeguards, many of whom are high school and college students returning to class. Dogs and their owners took advantage of the opportunity on a day when temperatures soared again into the 90s. Admission was $5 per dog, with $3 going to Community Animal Rescue Effort that planned to use the funds for its spay and neuter program. Last year, 90 dogs participated in the swim, and organizers estimated a similar number turned out this year. Mike Keogh of the Columbus Parks and Recreation Department said for many years residents asked about the possibility of having a dog swim, and the first was held in 2005. The popularity of the event was evident with a full parking lot and dozens of dogs wading, swimming, jumping and fetching. A few of the more adventurous dogs even took a leap off the diving board. Others stayed in the kiddie pool. “I think it’s great,” said Nathan Burns, whose 9-year old Boxer, Teco, stood in the water at the edge of the pool. Burns’ girlfriend, Donna Stevenson, said Teco was a little timid with so many other dogs around, but she was impressed that most of the dogs were well behaved. “I kind of expected some conflict,” said Sue Smith, who brought her 4-year-old Labrador, Madeline. Smith figured the dogs were too excited and having too much fun to worry about the other dogs. Madeline was joined by several other Labradors, who naturally enjoy the water and liked retrieving balls and toys tossed into the pool. The dog owners, many with cameras, seemed to get as much fun out of the day as their pets. Even those without a dog stopped by and watched the fun from the pool’s balcony.

$730 Spay Day USA Grant -- Friday April 20th, 2007

CARE will be awarded $730.00 in May for participating in this year's Spay Day USA in February. Not only did we sign up over 300 animals to be spayed/neutered that month but now we can offset the cost of the assistance we provided to be able to help even more! Hurray! See below email for more details. - Kelly Glick CARE ---------------------------- Original Message ---------------------------- Subject: Spay Day USA 2007 Grant Money From: "Vicki Stevens" Date: Fri, April 20, 2007 10:51 am To: -------------------------------------------------------------------------- April 20, 2007 Ms. Kelly Glick Community Animal Rescue Effort (CARE) P. O. Box 1234 Columbus, IN 47202 Dear Ms. Glick, Congratulations! In early May, Community Animal Rescue Effort (CARE) will receive a check for $733.95, courtesy of The HSUS's members and supporters, who raised this money during Spay Day USA on your behalf, to be used for spay/neuter. You are eligible to receive this money because you: * Registered and held a Spay Day USA 2007 event * Reported the results of your event to us by the deadline * Submitted to us your IRS determination letter and completed W-9 During Spay Day USA 2007, event organizers reported having spayed or neutered more than 20,000 animals, raised more that a quarter of a million dollars, and exposed nearly two million people to the spay/neuter message.* Full results are posted on our website, . Click on the "View Spay Day USA 2007 Results" link in the green box at the top of the page. Be sure not to miss: * The Spay Day USA video, accessible by clicking on the video link in the right hand column of the Results page. * Links at the very bottom of the Results page (in alternating green and white rows), which take you to additional information about Spay Day USA 2007. * The results of the Spay Day USA 2007 contest. Click on the "Every Spay/Neuter Counts!" link in the 5th bullet point, 3rd paragraph on the Results page. On behalf of all of us here at The HSUS, thank you, Ms. Glick, for participating in Spay Day USA 2007 and in our fundraising program. We hope you will host another event for Spay Day USA 2008, which is certain to be even bigger and better! For the animals, Vicki Stevens Spay Day USA National Coordinator

CARE Receives Grant Funds -- Thursday March 29th, 2007

CARE animal rescue has received a $1,500 grant from Bartholomew REMC Membership Community Trust (Operation Round-Up). The money will go into CARE's Education Fund and will be used to help CARE "adopt" local elementary school classrooms and provide them with NAHEE's KIND News - a monthly newspaper that educates kids to be responsible pet owners.

Pets Breathe in Life -- Thursday March 22nd, 2007

Pets breathe in life By Chris Schilling - The Republic - Reporter Life-saving oxygen masks for animals have been given to every Bartholomew County fire station by a local animal welfare group. Members of CARE and firefighters hope the masks will save animals who suffer from injuries during fires. "People suffer enough when they go through a fire, but to lose a pet makes it even worse," said Elaine DeClue, CARE president. CARE raised donations after reading articles about the masks. The sets of oxygen masks come in three small, cone-shape sizes that fit snugly on animals, from dogs and cats to rabbits and birds. Bartholomew County will be among only a few places in the nation that have firefighters prepared to save pets, DeClue said. State Fire Marshal Roger Johnson estimated that pets die in 25 percent of all house fires. He said having the masks for animals is as important as having oxygen masks and heart defibrillators for people. "I think it's one of the nicest gestures I've seen around here in a long time for pets," Johnson said. The fire marshal has first-hand experience of trying to save a pet without the proper equipment. Years ago, firefighters pulled a dog from a house fire near Taylorsville. Johnson said he detected a heartbeat and tried using a human mask to save the dog. It didn't fit the dog's face, and Johnson and other firefighters rushed the dog to a veterinarian. The dog succumbed to its injuries. Johnson believes the outcome would have been different if firefighters had had the oxygen masks. "Time is of the essence," Johnson said. "You only have a certain window of opportunity to save a human being, or it's a lost cause. The same goes for pets."

Thank You! -- Friday February 23rd, 2007

THE REPUBLIC: Spay-neuter event huge success From: Kelly Glick CARE Received: Feb. 19 First of all, a big thank you to all who have helped promote this spay/neuter event. Thanks for hanging flyers, putting radio messages on the air, getting letters and stories in the paper and for helping to spread the word. Thank you to Caroline, Beth and Julie who sat at a table for three hours without a break taking money and answering questions. Thanks to Nick, Charlotte and Jackie for getting those people in the door and pointed in the right direction. Thanks to Elaine who even though she was 30 minutes late helped me answer a constant barrage of questions. We had 181 cats and 89 dogs signed up in three hours. That’s 270 animals — and this is the final count when we ran out of papers. I still have some that are waiting to hear back to fill out the rest of the paperwork, and I would imagine that number is close to 40-50. We are going to be sending five full clinics to pets alive in the next month — to put this in perspective, last year our total number of animals sent to pets alive was 532 and now we’re sending 270+ in one month! Thanks, everyone. Since it was so popular we will try and do this again in the summer. If this effort won’t start making a difference in our number of homeless pets, then I’m at a loss for what will.

Pet Control Benefits All -- Saturday February 17th, 2007

Pet control benefits all in community - THE REPUBLIC - By Elaine DeClue ----Does anyone really CARE? I know I do and I know other people do, but yet it seems there are many people in Bartholomew County who don't care about the number of animals euthanized in our local shelters. Maybe they just are not aware of the extent of the problem because if they were, they would certainly want to help those animals in need. Last year 1,586 cats came into our shelters and only 195 were adopted. Our county had 1,286 dogs enter the shelters and again, only 495 were adopted. Over 1,300 cats and 600 dogs were euthanized! If you also include local rescue groups, the number of homeless, unwanted animals is hundreds of animals higher. What can a concerned Bartholomew County resident do? It's simple, spay and neuter your pets! This one-time surgery can make a world of difference in our community. Today, Community Animal Rescue Effort of Bartholomew County will offer sign-up for very-low-cost spay/neuter surgeries for county residents at the Petco store on National Road. Did you know that an unspayed female cat, her mate and all of their offspring can produce 2,107 cats in only four years! February is National Spay/Neuter month. It's in February because animals start to go into heat once again. CARE is offering low prices to help everyone get their pets "fixed." There are no excuses not to have this surgery done! Any dog or cat more than eight weeks old and more than two pounds can have this surgery. Spay/neuter surgery promotes better behavior and better health in all cats and dogs. Another thing you can do is to contact our local city or county government. Our county and city need tougher laws to help reduce the breeding of animals. Enacting permits such as a "breeder's permit" would allow "show" breeders the once-a-year litter they breed, but would impose large fees and fines to stop the backyard breeders from having litter after litter of puppies that are bred only for money, not for the love of the breed. A responsible breeder normally has placed their new puppies or kittens in good homes before they are born. They do extensive testing to make sure their animals do not carry any genetic defects inherent to their breed, and they always take back their animals if something should happen to the owner. They also require the dogs/cats be spayed/neutered if not up to their breed standards or if they are to be kept as pets. Responsible breeders care about their puppies and kittens. On the other hand, the backyard breeder does none of the above. What is so common to our county is an owner of two Labrador retrievers who lets them breed over and over as often as they can. Litters of eight puppies three times a year equals 24 pups sold to whomever pays the price. The pit-bull terrier is the No. 1 dog brought into the shelters, with Labs a close second. We can stop the unnecessary killing by stopping the breeding. The reduction in the number of animals in our shelters will reduce the amount of money spent by the taxpayers in this county and city. Everyone, animal lovers or not, can benefit from tougher laws. Please sign up your dog/cat, stray cats in your neighborhood or your barn cats. Tell neighbors, friends and family about the benefits of spay/neuter! There is no limit on the number of pets you can sign up, you will pay at sign-up, but do not need to bring your animals with you Saturday. This offer is for Bartholomew County residents, because we want to make a difference here for our local homeless animals.

Elementary School Program -- Thursday February 1st, 2007

CARE is beginning it's education at the classroom level by providing NAHEE's Kind NEWS program to all 2nd & 4th grade classrooms in Bartholomew County. The National Association for Humane Environmental Education (NAHEE) is a program by the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS). NAHEE provides KIND News (Kids In Nature's Defense) subscriptions for all grades K-6. CARE is beginning with 2nd & 4th Graders in Fall of 2007 but will look to expand the program and include more classrooms in 2008. Stay tuned for more info! Learn more about NAHEE: You can help by "adopting" a classroom for $32/year - Learn more: