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10/30/2014 10:48 AM


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Save the Date:
Saturday September 13th 2014
11:00 am-3:00 pm, Registration starting at 10:30 am

Registration Form:

Please click here to download the registration form.

Please also note that all vaccine records must be on file with C.A.R.E. before participation
Mail both Vaccine Records and Registration Fee to:
C.A.R.E.; P.O. Box 1234; Columbus, IN 47202

Registration Fees:
You can pay your registration fees online below.
Note that you can either select the "All Events" option, or you can add individual events to your cart, by selecting each individual event one at a time and adding to your cart.

Event Selection
Dog handler's full name

Please visit C.A.R.E.'s Doggie 'Lympics Facebook event to stay up to date and for more details on Pre-Training events.

- Obstacle Course Training 1, Aug 2nd. 9:45am-11:30am at Noblitt Park
- Obstacle Course Training 2, Aug 16th. 9:45am-11:30am at Noblitt Park
- Frisbee Expo Training, Aug 23rd. 9:45am-11:30am at Noblitt Park
- Marathon Down & Water Retrieval Training, Aug 30th. 9:45am-11:00am at Tipton Lakes Marina

Event Descriptions:

Straight Dash: Dogs will line up on one end and race 35 feet to the other as fast as they can! The dash will be timed. 

Marathon Down: How long can your dog stay in the "down" position? There will be 3 waves of competition, if your dog makes it through the 1st wave it will advance to the 2nd and 3rd. 1st Wave: maximum of 5 minutes, owners are welcome to cuddle, pet and coo their dogs to stay down as long as they can. 2nd Wave: maximum of 5 minutes, dogs will have to stay in the down position while mild distractions are introduced. Owners may cuddle, pet and coo their dogs. 3rd Wave: maximum of 5 minutes, dogs will have to stay in the down position while major distractions are introduced. Owners may cuddle, pet and coo their dogs. "Down" position is keeping the dogs belly on the floor. Participants will be asked to leave the event arena at the judges decision. 

Dress 'Em Up Relay:
 Who says clothes are for humans only? This relay is all about getting your dog dressed and back to the finish line as fast as possible. There will be two piles of clothes. Dogs and handlers will race to each pile, to the end of the course, then back to the start. Dog must have on 2 articles of clothing for the timed trial to be complete. 

Outfield Catch:
 A classic game of throw and catch. Owners will throw 3 balls out to dog (one at a time). Dogs will have to bring the ball back to the owner. The balls must be thrown a certain distance. The event will be timed based on how long it takes for your dog to retrieve and bring back all three balls. 

Water Retrieval:
 Swimming is great exercise! Dogs will have the chance to swim out to two throw toys. Judges will time how long it takes for your dog to successfully bring the two toys back to shore. 

Frisbee Expo
: Let your dog put on a show! Tricks, retrieval, and chasing are all welcome. Score will be based on how many successful in the air catches your dog can complete in the set amount of time. Frisbee must be thrown to a certain distance to qualify as a "catch". 

Obstacle Course:
 Dogs love challenges. This obstacle course will test 5 skills including, running with their handler, moving on, around, through, and over at the handlers direction. This event will be timed. You will have to display the 5 skills listed above on the course. The handler may choose any order to do the obstacles. 

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